> A&G Art Gallery (Beta)

Audrey placing a gift under the Christmas tree, in crayon and with stickers
Audrey, writing her name in cursive for the first time
Collage, using glue and magazine clippings
Colored hand prints, in paint (circa 2010)
Concentric hearts, with purple painted background (2010/11)
Dad living in his tower by the ocean
Dolls on daddy's office wall
Dottie, with green Sharpie (2011)
Energy of an atom (2010/11)
Energy, in marker (2010/11)
Excitement, in colored marker (2010/11)
Fall Collage
Feathers, in purple paint (2011)
Feeling purple, in purple paint (2010/11)
Firework, in colored paint (2010/11)
Flower and hearts for dad
Flower inside green circle, in crayon
Flowers in spring time, in colored paint (Spring 2011)
Fruit shapes
Girl reading, in colored marker (2011)
Green smashy thing (2010/11)
Hand prints, in colored paint (2011)
Happy Mother's Day, in marker (2011)
Hello Kitty, in orange marker and red pen (2011)
Jellyfish, in red and orange paint (2011)
Jumping for joy, with leaves and red square
Kaleidoscope, in paint (2011)
Mended heart, using glue and red construction paper (2010/11)
Orange blob (2010)
Owl, using glue, feathers, cupcake wrappers and googley eyes (circa 2010)
Paint on tinfoil
Pink egg (2011)
Prince charming, in colored marker (2011)
Rainbow with rose petals
Rainbow with sunshine
Rainbow, in marker
Rainbow, with turtle crawling underneath
Red square
Sand dunes, in finger paint (2010/11)
Saturated page, in purple paint (circa 2010)
Shapes, in paint (2011)
Shoreline, in finger paint (2010/11)
Smile (2011)
Snow falling from the clouds, in white paint and with cotton balls (2011)
Storm clouds and lightning, in crayon
Stormy sky, in purple finger paint (2010/11)
The jungle, in colored paint (2010/11)